THC-to-CBD ratios have been increasing for years

The red line shows the increasing potency of marijuana since the 70s. This correlates with the increasing numbers of those struggling with marijuana addiction (4Mn in US alone, according to NIDA). Learn more facts on Tuesday, 7PM, in New Canaan. Reefer Sanity: Kevin Sabet, Ph.D Debunks the Myths #debunkingthemyths

New study links marijuana and psychosis

A European study linking marijuana and psychosis came out on Tuesday, March 19th, in The Lancet Psychiatry. This study also showed a correlation between the dosage level of THC and the incidence of mental illness. Dr. Marta Di Forti, lead author from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience at King’s College, in London stated: “For the first time we …

USA Today article on “High Risks” of marijuana

Interesting article in print edition of USA Today yesterday, called “High Risks”. USA Today had been mixed in its coverage of marijuana, but looks like they have some credible sources for this article. Author Alex Berenson is quoted.  #debunkingthemyths

Effects of marijuana worse for teens than alcohol

This report from NBC News cites numerous studies showing marijuana poses more risks to the teen brain than alcohol. At Reefer Sanity tonight, you will learn more. Hope to see you then. Reefer Sanity: Kevin Sabet, Ph.D Debunks the Myths

Percieved risk of regular marijuana use by high school seniors

In the U.S., perception of risk from regular marijuana use among high school seniors had dropped steadily, while use has gradually been increasing. Is there risk from regular use or not? Find out more tomorrow, at Reefer Sanity: Kevin Sabet, Ph.D Debunks the Myths.

9 days until Kevin Sabet

On Tuesday, March 5th the New Canaan Parent Support Group is hosting Kevin Sabet, Ph.D at Saxe Middle School Auditorium, 468 South Avenue, New Canaan. The reason for this event, entitled Reefer Sanity: Debunking the Myths About Marijuana, is to inform the public about the facts and clinical evidence as opposed to opinions. We’ve had an outstanding group of people …

Robin Lehner shows that there are many pathways…

Robin Lehner, goalie for the NY Islanders, wrote a touching story of his recovery from addiction and mental illness.  As with all recoveries, he realized there were likely going to be bumps along the road.  However, here he is moving into the #1 goalie slot for the Islanders, and helping to lead their resurgence.  There is a great article in …

Marijuana Essay in Wall Street Journal by Alex Berenson; His Book Released Today

Interesting read ahead of our Reefer Sanity: A Smart Approach to Marijuana event with Kevin Sabet. Marijuana is More Dangerous than You Think By Alex Berenson Updated Jan. 4, 2019 2:19 p.m. ET Over the past 30 years, a shrewd and expensive lobbying campaign has made Americans more tolerant of marijuana. In November 2018, Michigan became the 10th state …

Yale New Haven Hospital Opens Addiction Consult Service

Glad to read this article–a week old–about Yale New Haven’s effort to bring an Addiction Consult Service to the inpatient floors of the hospital. Happy New Year to all! NEW HAVEN — Dr. Melissa Weimer is giving addiction medicine a much-needed prominent place in Yale New Haven Hospital’s health care arsenal. The medical director of the hospital’s new Addiction Medicine Consult Service, she …

More studies needed of Adolescent Brain

A John Hopkins study on the adolescent brain discusses how the increased incidence of schizophrenia and psychosis may take place following early use of marijuana.  Clearly more work in this area needs to be done.  We can ask Kevin Sabet about this on March 5th, 7PM at Saxe School Auditorium during our Marijuana: Facts vs Myths event.