November Pathway Session on Insurance summary

On Wednesday, November 18, our virtual Pathway Session on insurance highlighted steps family members and loved ones can take to fully utilize their benefits.  Scott Leshin, CEO and Founder of SJ Health Insurance Advocates, went through an “Insurance 101” presentation and then answered questions from parents and recovery coaches.

Among the points addressed were:

  1. Most plans are “self-funded” by larger companies, which means there is more flexibility to change covered benefits.
  2. As member, you have three levels of appeal; it is the third level (external appeal) where the member is likely to get a reversal.
  3. Trends are moving in the direction of insurance companies paying for therapeutic boarding schools, sober living, and recovery coaching services.
  4. If you want your adult dependent child covered beyond age 26, it pays to apply for that exception in advance.

Feel free to review the presentation slides here.  SJ’s website is at  Scott Leshin’s number is 973-740-0023, X110.