Annual Addiction Awareness Vigil

New Canaan’s first Addiction Awareness Vigil was launched on August 31, 2017. The event had a large impact from the start. Modeled after vigils around the country honoring International Overdose Awareness Day, our Vigil attracted 450 people!

The annual New Canaan Vigil is an incredible community gathering to support victims of addiction and their families. I am blessed to have attended each Vigil and witness firsthand the outpouring of love and support for the hundreds of our friends and neighbors affected.
Tom O.

Community Engagement

NCPSG brings in dozens of community partners.  In addition, our Vigil Committee -- which plans the event -- includes members from treatment organizations, the recovery community, houses of worship, the clinical and medical community, our support group, and local schools and agencies.  The objective is to generate ideas from a variety of different perspectives.

Every year, the Vigil has brought renewed hope and action for those of us with addiction or those of us who know and love someone with an addiction. The incredible turnout reminds me we are not alone.
Kim H.

During our planning sessions, we carefully consider how the Vigil can impact the community, from the standpoints of prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery.

Key Goals

  • Honor and remember those who died too soon
  • Create understanding through open testimonials
  • Unite the faith community, which gives credibility to the cause
  • Unite the recovery community to give hope to others
  • Demonstrate through attendance that our community cares
  • Show that many resources exist for those who struggle
  • Openly discuss addiction, substance abuse, and mental illness
  • Encourage others to reach out to those who struggle
For me, a person in long-term recovery, the New Canaan Vigil is the most compelling recovery event of the year.
Bill M.
Given my experience that recovery is possible, our Vigil is the most important event that happens in New Canaan!
Lance M.