Our Virtual Vigil is a big success!

Our 4th Annual Community Addiction Awareness Vigil, which was streamed on Wednesday, September 2 at 7:30PM, was a great success. Not only did our online attendance surpass our previous vigils, but we had attendees from New York, California and several other states!

When the virtual ended at 8:30PM, our viewership on Facebook was over 430 and the viewership on YouTube was over 180. As this post is written 10 days later, the views have increased to over 1700 (Facebook-1100; YouTube-600).

We are so grateful for all the people who made this virtual event a reality, starting with our Emcee John Hamilton and our Executive Producer Jacqueline Calayag. Please view replays of our Vigil on either Facebook or YouTube, and pay attention in the credits to the many people of our community who helped to create this unique event.

Besides our four courageous speakers sharing their lived experiences, highlights of the Vigil included our faith vigil and our NARCAN demonstration by New Canaan EMS.

During our virtual event, Liberation Programs announced that they will make free NARCAN available to those who viewed the Vigil video. Just email info@liberationprograms.org or call Joanne Montgomery at 203-953-3347.

Thanks Team Orange for making our 4th Annual the best ever!