Silver Hill Hospital

An independent, not-for-profit psychiatric hospital that is nationally accredited by the independent Joint Commission. Silver Hill has been a standout among the top psychiatric hospitals in Connecticut and beyond, for adults and adolescents, since it’s founding in 1931.

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Three levels of care all on one campus
When you come to Silver Hill for treatment, you can expect a safe and secure environment that promotes healing and recovery. From inpatient to extended residential to outpatient programs, we provide access to the level of care patients need, when they need it, all on one campus. This allows patients to move seamlessly from one level to another depending on their needs at any time, without disruption in treatment or dislocation in care.

Inpatient Treatment
Inpatient treatment is often an essential first step in the recovery from mental illness or addiction. It is the most intensive form of care indicated for an acute phase of illness that requires a great deal of management. At Silver Hill, we pride ourselves on offering a high clinician-to-patient ratio so that each adolescent and adult patient can receive the individualized attention he or she needs.

The goals of this level of care are diagnostic assessment, crisis stabilization, medication management, symptom reduction, and safe detoxification when indicated. Patients are prepared to move on to the next level of care, and planning for that begins as soon as they are admitted.

Transitional Living Programs
Once patients are stabilized, they can continue treatment on an extended basis in one of our Transitional Living Programs (TLP) for adults or adolescents. Patients continue to receive the highly structured, hospital-based treatment they need while living in a more homelike setting on the Silver Hill campus.

These programs are designed to help patients continue their recovery process until they are ready to return home for further community-based treatment. Our range of therapeutic opportunities allows for treatment that is comprehensive and customizable. Our goal is to provide patients with a greater psychological understanding of their condition and the behavioral skills to manage it.

All transitional living programs are housed within our Centers of Expertise and offer treatment for persistent psychotic disorders, addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, or personality disorders. We also have a specialized program for adolescents.

The length of stay for most centers is 4 weeks, but some patients opt to extend their treatment.

Outpatient Care
Silver Hill offers several Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for adolescents and adults who are able to live at home but require addiction and/or psychological treatment and skill building to function effectively. Patients come to Silver Hill two or three times a week for three hours of group therapy led by licensed clinicians.

These programs include:

Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders IOP
Outpatient Addiction Program
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group IOPs
Women’s DBT and Safe Relationships IOP
Adolescent IOP
Personality Disorders IOP

Each program lasts 6-9 weeks, and all, with the exception of the Outpatient Addiction IOP, require patients to maintain a therapeutic relationship with a community-based therapist and psychiatrist for medication management, if appropriate.