Visit with Brian Dolan of Sacred Heart University

In late January, Francesca and I met with Brian Dolan, the new Director of SHU’s Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP), at the program office (4980 Park Avenue, Bridgeport). NCPSG has written about SHU’s program in the past, after it started up in 2019 with a big boost from Bill Mitchell of Mitchells of Westport. SHU’s CRP in 2019 was the “new kid on the block”, as two other collegiate recovery programs had already been established in Connecticut.

Based on our conversation, I expect good things out of SHU’s program. Brian is motivated and qualified. Brian attended Sacred Heart as an undergrad and this is a homecoming of sorts. Brian shares that he attended SHU prior to his finding recovery. Part of his journey in sobriety has been to find opportunities to pay it forward. After a stint working at Turnbridge in New Haven, Brian completed coursework for his graduate degree in counseling at Fairfield University. At the same time, Brian gained experience as House Manager for Fairfield University’s Collegiate Program under Lisa Arnold.

Running a successful collegiate recovery program is not easy, and currently there are only slightly over 150 programs nationwide despite there being thousands of 4-year universities and colleges. SHU’s program has a number of ingredients to be successful. Brian already has a house manager and several students in the recovery house, which is adjacent to the main campus. He is planning regular all-recovery events–some of which will include students from other universities nearby.

To learn more about collegiate recovery programs, consider attending our February 15, 7-8pm Zoom Pathway Session on Collegiate Recovery with Lisa Arnold of Fairfield U. and Amy Boyd Austin of UVM. To register, go here.