March 5th Reefer Sanity Event a big success

Thank you, John Hamilton and Kevin Sabet.  You made Reefer Sanity a great success.  Video of Kevin’s presentation available here and slide deck here.  See topics and time breaks below:

0:00 Intro by John Hamilton

1:20 Kevin Sabet starts speaking

4:30 Tobacco kills more than 10 times the amount of people who die of opioid overdose

11:30 Huge disconnect between the science of marijuana and the public perception

16:20 No one died from tobacco until automatic cigarette-making machines were invented

22:50 For every tobacco smoker today, there are 4 youth under 18 who are vaping

25:30 The body produces natural THC, but the external THC hits brain receptors like a sledge hammer

28:30 Of the people who try and like marijuana–a minority of the population—30% get addicted

34:30 Consumer branding (Pot-Tarts) and higher potency of today’s marijuana

35:30 Marijuana is not a natural plant anymore, it’s vaporized or consumed as waxes and oils.

38:15 Juul was originally a marijuana company; Philip Morris is buying a 30% stake.

41:00 Non-smoked marijuana has now surpassed smoked marijuana in demand.

41:30 Coors and Constellation Brands has joined Philip Morris in entering the THC product business

42:00 10% of population makes up 75% of the alcohol industry’s sales, each consuming 10 drinks/day

44:20 New studies using causation word to describe association of marijuana use and suicide risk

46:40 Association with depression and anxiety

47:40 Correlation with intelligence, education, employment, welfare dependency

54:00 Lancet Study – no substitute effect from increasing marijuana use to lower opioid dependency

58:10 This isn’t about hippies anymore–it’s about the wolves of Wall Street and Big Tobacco

59:00 In states that have legalized, you don’t know the potency or purity of the marijuana you buy

1:07:45 Most people who stop using drugs, stop because of an external motivator—not treatment

1:08:50 CBD is being marketed everywhere but most people don’t know what they’re getting.