Two upcoming events during Recovery Month

On September 23rd, 7pm at our next in-person parent support meeting, I’m excited that we have booked Tim Walsh of Adventure Recovery to return for a Fire Ceremony. Josh Flaherty will most likely join Tim, and here’s how Josh once described the ceremony: “I place a small piece of wood in the fire and I offer up, speaking aloud, my fear, my anxiety, my need to control, and my pain from this past situation. Letting it all go. The act of offering my worries to the fire is a willingness to trust beyond my control. Furthermore, I am relinquishing my need to know. In offering, we are willing to go with the flow of universal order. Fanning myself and covering my body in the fire’s smoke, I again say aloud that I am taking with me wisdom, courage, and serenity from the ancestral wisdom of the fire. In this simple ceremony I am healing. I am tending to myself, nurturing my well-being.” The meeting location is St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 111 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan.

At the end of the month, there is an outstanding opportunity to attend the 8th Annual Recovery Celebration Event hosted by Liberation Programs. It takes place at 7pm, September 29th. The location is Sacred Heart University’s Community Theater, 1420 Post Road, Fairfield. The keynote speaker is Craig Melvin, Co-host of the Today Show. See flyer here.

NOTE: In case you have missed them, there are many outstanding photos from our Vigil here.