They’re baaaack! Unscrupulous retailers selling THC products. Things we can do.

A new Smoke Shop has opened on Main Street in New Canaan, and retailers including Stew Leonard’s and Whole Foods are selling THC-infused seltzers by CANN. Why do I mention this? Because it goes against the spirit of the cannabis legalization bill of 2021 (aka Public Act 21-1, an Act Concerning Responsible and Equitable Regulation of Adult-Use Cannabis (“RERACA”).

The THC promotion also goes against another bill that went into place in 2023, which eliminated the Delta-8 loophole that emboldened retailers to sell hemp-based THC edibles and vape products. (CLICK HERE for the bill.)

There is hope on the horizon, for us parents and others concerned about normalization of cannabis and THC. Recently, some State Assembly legislators have put together a proposed bill to put in place restrictions for beverage products. This bill (HB 5150) which was originated in the state House, could pass into law but needs a push since the Regular Legislative Session ends on May 8. Please contact your legislators to encourage them if you think this is an important issue.

For those who get disgusted and discouraged by what they see, you are not helpless. There are things you can do. You can: 1) as mentioned above, contact your state legislators about HB 5150; 2) talk to the retailers themselves and ask them if they know that selling THC is illegal; 3) go directly to the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection and file an online complaint form. CLICK HERE for the form.