Free subscription to REAL, the online parent learning platform

I have been test driving, a parent-focused website for families affected by addiction. The full name of this website tool is REAL, Recovery Education & Applied Learning. It’s the brainchild of New Canaan resident and REAL Founder & CEO Todd Lampert, who was inspired by a recovery journey in his own family.

The Town of New Canaan has graciously sponsored a subscription that–while temporary–allows all of us to check out a platform that conbines video learning, interviews, workbooks, and a content library in one place. I have found the videos helpful, especially Module 4 on parent boundaries and Module 10 on CMC’s Invitation to Change approach.

Here are the directions to accessing the REAL platform, free of charge:

Click website address:

Click “License Registration”. Enter Code: REALNCHSUNIC100. Set your user ID and PW.Go to COURSE, then click “Substance Use Disorder”. Click “START COURSE NOW”. Navigate the 18 Course Modules from the lefthand side.

Please let us know if you find this tool helpful.