THC Pathway with Jordan Davidson was a Big Success

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, we hosted Jordan Davidson, Government Affairs Manager at Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) and a man in long-term recovery from THC addiction.

I first became aware of Jordan because his mom who used to attend our parent support meetings when Jordan was in the early days of his recovery. He a recent graduate of American University, and now has over 5 years of recovery, which he credits in part to the 12-step meetings he first attended in Westport, CT.

Jordan covered his path to THC addiction. He has a history of addiction in his family, and this was something that his parents had communicated to him at an early age. He thinks he falls into the “addictive personality” category because of his genetics. He always just liked to take things to extremes, whether it was candy or staying up late. He described his junior and senior years of high school in quite some depth, and after starting to use THC his friendships transitioned to “transactional” relationships.

Jordan shared how he used THC to self-medicate his anxiety, and he went into a downward spiral of THC use very quickly, leading him to have take off part of his senior year for a local outpatient program and starting to attend 12-step meetings. Luckily for him, he was able to graduate high school on time, attend college, and over the summer becoming an intern and them employee of SAM, a non-profit dedicated to educating citizens on the science of marijuana, and the risks that come with THC commercialization and normalization.

He answered questions on Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, which is produced from hemp and inserted in products like gummies which are just as intoxicating and addicting as traditonal Delta-9 THC products.

SAM is literally the only non-profit trying to present THC risks to offset all the inaccurate noise about the “medical benefits” and “safety” of use for “recreational” purposes. Today’s highly potent marijuana is how 30% addictive, causing many, especially young adults, to become dysfunctional and “failing to launch”. Jordan credits his advocacy work with helping keep him on his recovery path, and I personally can say this impressive young man HAS launched.

To find great resources on the science of THC on SAM’s website, CLICK HERE, and to view the replay of the Zoom Pathway Session, CLICK HERE.