Thank you everyone, for the 2022 Vigil

The 2022 Community Addiction Awareness Vigil was a great success. Over 450 people were in attendance. Please continue reading as we thank all that made our Vigil a memorable one, in a Letter to the Editor. Our next Vigil will take place on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

Dear Editor:
On behalf of the New Canaan Parent Support Group and our co-Host New Canaan Community Foundation, I’d like to thank all those involved with making our September 1 Community Addiction Awareness Vigil a success. We had about 450 people in attendance, on a beautiful evening at the corner of South Avenue and Elm Street.
Our goal was to increase awareness in our community about addiction and mental health, while reminding everyone through testimonials that recovery Is possible.
First of all, thanks to our hard-working Team Orange, our Vigil event committee: Cyra Borsy, Jacqueline Calayag, Leo Karl, Trey Laird, Susannah Lewis, Lance Minor, Chris Otis, Lauren Patterson, Thea Ross, Cini Shaw, Denise Vestuti, Fiona Wilkes, Charlene Berardino, Suzanne Harrison, Mary Kowal-Foley, Robert Plunkett and Patrick Russo.
Secondly, we’d like to call out our speakers and performers: John Hamilton, Emcee; Noelle, Steve, Aleksa, and our two pastors co-leading the candlelight vigil: Carter Via and Gary Morello. We also thank Rev. Richard Williams & the Pivot Ministries Choir for their performance and Ben Capelo of Ram Council (NCHS ’23) for leading us in the Community Pledge.
There are many other partners and vendors required to make this event happen annually at the corner of South & Elm. We express our utmost gratitude to the following people: Meg Soffen of the New Canaan Community Foundation, Kevin Moynihan, Tucker Murphy, Mose Saccary and Bethany Zaro of the Town of New Canaan; Andrew Gerber and Susannah Lewis of Silver Hill Hospital; Steve Curtin of Northeast Tent Productions; Megan Ferrell of St. Mark’s Church, Mitch Hoffman–84 Sports, Christine Monet–Photographer, Doug Pippitt of New Canaan Florist, Danielle Sabilia–NCHS Ram Council parent, Steve Santiago–NCHS SLOBs parent, Mike Virgilio—Ultimate Inc T Shirts.
Finally, our support group is grateful for our Sponsors: Aware Recovery Care, Caron Treatment Centers, High Focus Centers, High Watch Recovery, Mountainside, Newport Healthcare, Silver Hill Hospital, The Lighthouse CT, Town of New Canaan, Turnbridge, Walter Stewart’s Market, and several anonymous donors with big hearts.
In case you want to mark your calendars, our 2023 Vigil will be on Wednesday, August 30.