Thank you Ben Cort, for Weed, Inc!

Weed, Inc: The Science Behind Today’s Marijuana took place last Wednesday, January 13 on Zoom. We had more than 220 attendees including many New Canaan High School sophomores and their health class teachers. Ben Cort, author, TED Talk speaker, and addiction recovery advocate, told us the shocking truth about potency of today’s marijuana products. He detailed the criteria for cannabis use disorder, which is afflicting more and more young adults nationally. These addiction criteria are listed in the DSM-5 Manual, which for the first time lists “cannabis withdrawal” as a diagnosis.

Ben also talked about the mental health impact of even casual use, for those who are pre-disposed. For instance, heavy users with genetic susceptibility can have up to 8X the risk of psychosis, and over 2.4X the risk of schizophrenia.

Feel free to watch and share the Weed, Inc video replay, view the presentation slides here, or buy a copy of his book Weed, Inc on Amazon.