State Senate votes overwhelmingly to ban selling of THC gummies by unlicensed retailers

On Tuesday, June 5th, the CT State Senate voted overwhelmingly (32-4) in favor of HB 6699, An Act Concerning Cannabis Regulation. It now will go to Governor Lamont, who is expected to sign it into law.

This bill is a big win, as many different retailers–including CBD Stores–are now banned from unethically selling THC products to minors that look like candy. HB 6699 now makes it clear that THC edibles–defined as any product with greater than 1mg of THC per serving, whether produced from marijuana or hemp–is prohibited.

The background was that due to a loophole caused by the Hemp provision in the 2018 Federal Farm Bill and no specific ban in CT’s legalization law, unethical retailers were selling THC products at will.

HB 6699 will also require much improved health warning labels for all marijuana products, especially the high-potency THC products (defined as containing greater than 30% THC).

I’m happy that all the state legislators representing parts of New Canaan voted in favor of the bill: Tom O’Dea, Ceci Maher, Ryan Fazio, Lucy Dathan, and Keith Denning. Thank you legislators, and special thanks to our parents who reached out to have their voices heard.

Here is a link to the bill, for those wanting to see the progress to the Governor’s desk for signing.