Smoke Shop Closed in New Canaan

Tuesday, January 10, marked the first day that marijuana could be sold through state-licensed retail outlets in CT. This is a sad day, in my opinion. Based on the legalization act, commercial enterprises will have the incentive to sell stronger, more-potent THC products to young adults and older members of the population. Therefore, the public health consequences will be more individuals visiting ERs seeking treatment for cannabis use disorder (CUD), hyperemesis, and psychosis.

In New Canaan, the number of retail outlets selling THC products has just dropped from 2 to 1. The New Canaan Smoke Shop–which was rumored to be selling THC products to minors from a closet in the rear of the store–has finally closed. We had written about the New Canaan Smoke Shop in previous posts. On November 1, 2022, the Department of Consumer Protection had taken action at the store, confiscating contraband which appeared to include both marijuana “flower” as well as THC products. Good riddance!

Currently, New Canaan has a ban on the opening of cannabis establishments. However, due to a loophole in the RERACA Legalization Act, the local CBD Store is selling edible gummy bears with up to 20mg of THC per dose. Watch out if you take a whole gummy!