Self-care isn’t selfish

Self-care has been a growing theme throughout the year for NCPSG. In recent meetings, a common question is: “okay, and how has this week gone for your own personal self-care”? Why all this focus on self-care? Because Self-care is an important component of recovery–for both the loved one AND family members and friends.

Many parents feel like they’ve signed have signed a lifelong contract to keep their children safe–by controlling and rescuing despite the emotional toll that takes. Sooner or later, mothers and fathers discover they are not alone, and the facts are: ”We didn’t cause our child’s addiction; we can’t cure it; and we certainly can’t control it.”

In the book Beyond Addiction: How Science and Kindness Help People Change, Self-care is summed up nicely: “When you take care of yourself, you build strength to both tolerate what you can’t change and change what you can. At the same time, as a calmer, happier person, you will be contributing to an atmosphere that is conducive to the change you hope to see in your loved one, and you will be modeling healthy behaviors you wish for in your loved one.”

Having personally witnessed over 275 support meetings in action, I can definitively observe parents engaging in self-care become more confident and physically stronger. In addition, as mentioned in the quote about: the positive behavior rubs off the loved one’s recovery journey. In sum, self-care by family members is an important predictor of recovery success for those who struggle with substance use disorder.

The list of Self-care activities is endless, but here are some broken down by categories:

  • Professional help
  • Peer support and friendship
  • Mind & spiritual health
  • Physical health
  • Relaxation
  • Giving service to others

Our Self-Care Campaign:

Most of these above groupings have been incorporated into our Self-care campaign leading up the Vigil. The evidence continues to mount that self-care is important. Therefore, look for Self-Care Resources at our September 1 Community Addiction Awareness Vigil, and feel free to view our awesome short videos we’ve used for our Instagram and Facebook posts. See below:

  1. Bethany–massage
  2. Cini–self-compassion
  3. Cyra–rowing
  4. Devan–cycling and pilates
  5. Erika–meditation
  6. Lance–fitness trainer
  7. Leo–walking
  8. Robert–service to others

Remember, Self-care is NOT selfish.