Recovery Fest 2018, Anonymous People, Continuum of Care treatment model

I just talked with Greg Williams, who was on his way to Pawtucket, RI for Recovery Fest 2018, which starts Saturday, September 29th at 2PM.  Greg produced the fabulous Anonymous People documentary, and is Executive Vice President of Facing Addiction with NCADD.

This Sunday, a screening of his movie is taking place on Sunday, September 30th at 5:30PM in New Canaan, targeting parents with children in middle or high school.  The event is at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 111 Oenoke Ridge.  See flyer for more details.

Greg just posted a great blog note about how addiction needs a “continuum of care model” for treatment, like there is for other diseases.  The “catch & release” approach incorporating a 28-day cycle just won’t work.  You can read his thoughtful blog note here.