Our second Community Event on the Developing Brain

Back in 2018, we were honored to host Ruth Potee, MD’s talk about the adolescent brain.  She gave a provocative presentation—defining addiction as a pediatric disease.  The reason: first use of substances usually begins in the teen years, when the reward system of the brain is more vulnerable to “hijacking”.

In a worthy follow-up to that session, I’m excited to have Ken Winters, PhD visiting us on Zoom for The Developing Brain and THC.  Ken is a nationally-recognized adolescent addiction researcher, with most of his work done at the University of Minnesota where he founded the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research.

Ken will address why the adolescent brain is primed for addiction, and specifically address THC addiction, aka cannabis use disorder (CUD).  The presentation will be immediately followed by a Q&A session, led by our moderator John Hamilton, CEO of Liberation Programs, Inc.  Feel free to submit questions before, during and immediately after Ken’s presentation.

To register for this event, click here or go to ncparentsupportgroup.org.