May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2022–Mental Health Awareness Month–marks a critical moment as youth mental health disorders had been rising before the pandemic, and COVID-19 pandemic has only made depression and anxiety, substance misuse, and suicidality and suicide attempts worse. In my opinion, there is momentum from all corners to change these trends as we all work together, from the federal government to the grassroots of our local communities.

At the state level, I was heartened to see Mental Health CT put together an amazing campaign to increase understanding and reduce stigma. How? By featuring an authentic story from someone directly impacted that inspires and gives hope. A story A DAY, for the entire month of May. See Mental Health CT’s Lets Face It Calendar here:

One brave person in recovery, who I met years ago, continues to be open about her journey with co-occurring disorders. Ally, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story publicly not just in blogs put in-person on many, many occasions. You are the best!