MAT Focus on Buprenorphine

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) utilizes prescription medication in addition to evidence-based therapy to effectively treat substance use disorder, primarily opioid addiction. It typically combines cognitive behavioral therapy with medications to provide a more holistic and individualized approach to treatment.
While methadone was the first drug utilized to treat opioid addiction, Suboxone came on the market in 2002 as a “partial opioid agonist” that was a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. The goal of this product was to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms AND reduce the risk of abuse. Because of its weak effect on the brain, Suboxone has been classified as Schedule III by the DEA, while methadone is Schedule II. Suboxone is typically given as a sublingual tablet. Sublocade was introduced in 2017, and is a long-acting version of buprenorphine, given monthly as a subcutaneous injection by a health care provider. To learn more about buprenorphine as a MAT option, please view this well-summarized video presentation by Dr. Claudia Rodriguez given on September 21 (Opioid & Substance Awareness Day). Just go to 1:12:20 of the video here. Let us know what you think!