CRAFT Pathway Summary

On Wednesday, March 16, Erica Lubetkin, LMHC described CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) and how parents can benefit. CRAFT is a skill set for those who support a loved one struggling with substance use. There are 4 major goals with CRAFT: 1) decrease the harmful substance use: 2) engage the user into treatment; 3) increase the family member’s own happiness (self-care) and 4) learn to communicate with the substance user in new positive ways.

Some of my two most favorite quotes from Erica:

“Timing is critical to having a good conversation. Try asking permission.”

“Respond don’t react”.

Here are 7 tips that Erica gave for positive communication:

  1. Be brief – by keeping it short you get your point across more effectively
  2. Be positive – instead of “I hate it when you drink”, try “I love being with you when
    you’re sober”.
  3. Be specific and clear – before you have the conversation be clear about what
    you want to focus on.
  4. Label your feeling: “I feel _” –
  5. Offer an understanding statement – “I know how stressed work is making you
    these days”.
  6. Accept partial responsibility – “I know that in the past my reaction has been filled
    with anger which I recognize isn’t helpful, let’s work together to solve this.”
  7. Offer to help – brainstorm and deliver possible ideas, ask “how can I help?”

Erica concluded her presentation by discussing how crucial having a relapse prevention plan can be–even if a parent and their loved one never has to use it.

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