Book Review – Pleasure Unwoven: A Personal Journey About Addiction, Kevin McCauley, MD

Pleasure Unwoven is a 1-hour video and accompanying workbook about addiction, with a focus on the hedonic pleasure aspect of addiction. The author is a doctor in recovery who uses the beautiful Utah landscape to ask the question: does addiction fits the standard “disease model”? His answer is YES, because addiction is a stress-induced defect that causes dysregulation of the “midbrain reward system” and the release of dopamine. He also covers how drug use impacts the “anti-reward” or stress system of our bodies, and the over release of the stress hormone cortisol. This film is worth a view. To watch,

“To study addiction is to look into some of the most basic concepts of what it means to be human. That includes pleasure, memory, our genes, how we cope with stress, and even free will itself”

Kevin McCauley