It’s illegal to sell THC in New Canaan

I visited the local “Your CBD Store” located at 7 Elm Street this past week. I was curious how they could have a sandwich board advertising Delta-8 THC when I knew it was illegal under the 2021 law that passed the CT Assembly legalizing marijuana and THC products. What I found was that the store manager not only offered me the ABOVE product–gummy bears made of Delta-8 THC–but he also tried to sell me their Delta-9 THC gummy bears (the BEYOND product line). His recommendation with BEYOND was that “you probably want to cut the gummy bear in half to start with”.

After visiting “Your CBD Store”. I contacted our town’s police chief Leon Krolikowski, who I knew would be up-to-date with the laws and regulations. I also decided that this is a statewide issue, as “Your CBD Store” of New Canaan is one of 24 retail outlets in the state, controlled by an entity named Sunflora, Inc out of St. Petersburg, FL. Thus, I decided to file a complaint with the state Department of Consumer Protection by going to this website and sending an email. I received a response within a few days, and talked with a Drug Control agent a few days after that.

As I write this, “Your CBD Store” is still illegally promoting THC products. Whether the state becomes the Wild West like Colorado after the cannabis dispensaries start opening, I don’t know. But with the evidence of the cheating already taking place, and the proclivity of unscrupulous vendors to sell more addictive product than just CBD, I think it’s caveat emptor. With a quick internet search, Sunflora, Inc had been previously cited in an FDA warning letter for illegal marketing practices of it Sunmed product line. It seems like it’s whack-a-mole when it comes to enforcement.

As Founder of NCPSG and having heard many parents talk about the psychosis, depression and hyperemesis that has resulted from cannabis use disorder (CUD), I am asking all to be aware of the unethical and illegal marketing practices to sell addictive products. If you see violations, then report them to both your local police and the DCP.

NOTE: Because of the foresight of the P&Z Commission, New Canaan has banned cannabis dispensaries–both “recreational” and “medical”–in our town. I agree with one justification of the ban, which is to allow other towns and cities experiment with cannabis sellers and their marketing activities. Then we as a community can decide whether promotional activity–like Delta-THC sandwich boards–is what we want on our streets.