ADHD Zoom Pathway on November 16

On November 16, we hosted a Zoom Session on ADHD and addiction with Dr. Ned Hallowell. Ned is a world expert on ADHD and the author of two books Driven to Distraction and ADHD 2.0. He has changed the narrative of ADHD from one of disorder to a collection of traits that can be channeled into important positives: creativity, imagination, curiosity, energy and entrepreneurialism.

Dr. Hallowell believes there is a place for medication in treating individuals with ADHD, but the most important behavioral intervention is connection. Physical exercise, sleep nutrition, and coaching are also key. While potential misuse and overdiagnosis are concerns, there is major damage when ADHD is present and not diagnosed.

Anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder are all co-occurring conditions in many cases, as is addiction and substance misuse. One study reports that the incidence of ADHD is 5-10X higher for adult alcoholics. Looked at another way, about 25-40% of those who are diagnosed with substance use disorder (SUD) also have ADHD.

An award-winning documentary on ADHD called The Disruptors ($4.99 on Amazon Prime) is available for rental and well worth the cost. It features Dr. Hallowell as well as many others who have channeled their traits into notable achievements, including David Neeleman (JetBlue Airways), Howie Mandel and former astronaut Scott Kelly. Go here for more details: