Addiction Studies Pathway a Success

Our October 18 Pathway Session on Addiction Studies with Shane Murphy, PhD, was a big success. Shane, who founded and heads the graduate-level program in Addiction Studies at WestConn State University, gave us some background about the program and why it is needed. The program serves different individual needs including: 1) credit hours (37) to pursue a career as an LADC, or licensed alcohol and drug counselor; 2) Family members and coaches who want to get educated on addiction and effective communication skills; and 3) Young psych majors who decide to pursue addiction speciality for becoming a clinician.

The Addiction Graduate Program can be done either as a full-time student in 1 year (August to July) or part-time over 2 years. Shane is happy to advise anyone interested in considering this program, which is unique in CT. Tuition is free for students 62 and over. He can be reached at his email: To view the replay of the Pathway, which was conducted over Zoom, click here.