CT Senate vote still needed to ban unethical THC gummies

On May 9, the CT House passed HB 6699 overwhelmingly, with only one nay vote. While not all is good in this bill, it would require all hemp/THC products to be sold in a state-licensed MJ dispensary. By defining cannabis edible products more precisely, the bill eliminates the loophole through which gas stations, smoke shops and CBD stores have been unethically operating.

The CT State Assembly adjourns on June 7, so there is limited time to get this bill out for a vote on the Senate floor. Given how many legislators want to get all the Delta-8 and Delta-9 harmful products off the market, we can hope that the Senators will act. This bill will emerge from the General Law Committee if it does get to a vote. Please feel free to contact you State Senator if you’d like to see action taken on HB 6699. To find you Senator’s contact information, click here.

NOTE: There are two enlightening articles that were released recently, and worth reading. One highlights a study published in Psychological Medicine that found a strong link between cannabis use disorder and schizophrenia. (Click here.)The other is a New York Times op-ed giving evidence behind why legalization and normalization of marijuana use is a mistake. See article here.