Jeremy Barowsky, MD

500 West Putman Ave Suite 400,

Jeremy Barowsky, MD

Board-Certified Addiction and General Psychiatrist

Location: 500 West Putman Ave Suite 400, Greenwich, CT

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Addiction Psychiatrist.

I view successful psychotherapy as a partnership between patient and therapist. Because people are experts of their own internal experiences, my role is one of empathic co-investigator to help identify maladaptive thinking and behaviors and, subsequently, to facilitate change in my patients. I also offer “state of the art” pharmacotherapy whenever it is indicated.
My training equipped me with an armamentarium of diverse cognitive-behavioral, strength-based, and psychodynamic therapeutic skills to complement biological treatments. I have the ability to prescribe buprenorphine (also known as Suboxone), for those with opiate abuse. I am skilled in the medical treatment of mood, anxiety, personality, and psychotic disorders.
I hope to empower my patients to make their own medical and therapeutic treatment decisions in collaboration with me serving as their doctor and treatment partner. I feel deeply that the best and most beneficial treatment (as in life decisions in general) are the ones that the individual owns.




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