March 5th Reefer Sanity Event a big success

Thank you, John Hamilton and Kevin Sabet.  You made Reefer Sanity a great success.  Video of Kevin’s presentation available here and slide deck here.  See topics and time breaks below: 0:00 Intro by John Hamilton 1:20 Kevin Sabet starts speaking 4:30 Tobacco kills more than 10 times the amount of people who die of opioid overdose 11:30 Huge disconnect between …

Thank you Team Orange

Thanks Peter and Cini for your efforts, along with those of our entire staff of orange T-shirts!

Thanks John and Tiffany

John and Tiffany, for your help with Reefer Sanity (March 5th at Saxe Auditorium).  You represent your respective organizations, Liberation Programs and Aware Recovery Care, extremely well.

Thank you Silver Hill

Thank you Peter Clark and Silver Hill, for helping to sponsor our Reefer Sanity Event.

Team Orange Rocks

Thank you Lighthouse Sober Living, Caron Treatment Centers, Aware Recovery Care, Kids in Crisis, Karl Chevrolet, NCVAC, and Liberation Programs for all your efforts bringing sanity to our marijuana educational event on March 5th.  From the left: Mark O’Connor, Paul Reinhardt, Marty Gaudrault, Allan Griffin, Emma Kate Freatman, Leo Karl, Alison Bedula, and John Hamilton.

Thank you, Kevin Sabet, PhD!

So grateful to have Dr. Kevin Sabet at Saxe Auditorium to debunk the myths. You nailed it, Kevin!  For more information on how you can learn or help, go to

HS Seniors have low perception of risk from weed

In the U.S., perception of risk from regular marijuana use among high school seniors had dropped steadily, while use has gradually been increasing. Is there risk from regular use or not? Find out more tomorrow, at Reefer Sanity: Kevin Sabet, Ph.D Debunks the Myths

THC-to-CBD ratios have been increasing for years

The red line shows the increasing potency of marijuana since the 70s. This correlates with the increasing numbers of those struggling with marijuana addiction (4Mn in US alone, according to NIDA). Learn more facts on Tuesday, 7PM, in New Canaan. Reefer Sanity: Kevin Sabet, Ph.D Debunks the Myths #debunkingthemyths

New study links marijuana and psychosis

A European study linking marijuana and psychosis came out on Tuesday, March 19th, in The Lancet Psychiatry. This study also showed a correlation between the dosage level of THC and the incidence of mental illness. Dr. Marta Di Forti, lead author from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience at King’s College, in London stated: “For the first time we …